July 15, 2010

Bunny's Warm Welcome

September 2008 - We had just moved into our new home in Draper. My mom had been gone for 6 weeks. My personality had faded and my motivation to be outgoing was missing. Sunday morning, we went to our new ward. I sat in sacrament meeting scanning the chapel for familiar faces. I didn't recognize very many. Usually, when you're new, there is a swarm of people welcoming you. Not today, but I was okay with it, I was still "out-of-sorts" anyway.

I sat in Gospel Doctrine with Aaron. Midway through the meeting, a darling lady - a young, tan, skinny, HAPPY lady, got out of her seat and came and sat behind me. She was beautiful. She had long, natural white hair and beautiful teeth. She leaned forward and asked, "Are you new in the ward?"

I answered: "Yes"

The cute lady: "Welcome! I am Bunny Bradley. What is your name?"

Wondering if her real name was Bunny, I replied: "Dawn Hall."

Bunny: "I am glad your here. Where do you live?"

We carried on a quiet conversation.

She had a little girl, Claire.

She was kind. She was confident. She was sincere. She was the only person to acknowledge the "new girl." As I got to know her I learned that she was a good mom. She was a good wife. She cared about the people around her. She was busy, but she took time to care. She was serving in Young Women. she had the ability to connect with the girls. Mackenzie loved her.

In January 2009, Aaron and I went to Hawaii. We were sitting at the pool, when, to our surprise, Bunny and her husband Luke came up to us. Her little girl was turning 2 and she was torn because she was in Hawaii and not with Claire. I giggled and told her, I am sure Claire would forgive. She sat down and filled us in on the best things to do in Hawaii. Then she went back to riding the water slide with Luke. They were like teenagers - pure entertainment to watch.

Our ward split in February 2009. She remained in the 10th ward and I joined the 11th ward.
I still saw Bunny at the neighborhood pool often with her 2 girls. She would ALWAYS say hello and chat with me. She even introduced herself to my sister Amanda, who was visiting from Indiana.

Each morning, I see her running on the side of the road. I pass her and think to myself; "She is someone who enjoys and gets the most out of life."

Bunny was the 29 year-old woman who was hit by a car on Highland, while riding her bike with a group of women. She must have been in the front of the pack - of course she was, she was a leader. She took the brunt of the crash.

My heart breaks for her husband and 2 little girls. My prayers are for her family. In my experience, it is hard to feel peace when a loved one passes away. I pray they get small moments of peace in the next days, weeks, and months ahead. I am sure she is being welcomed into heaven with open arms. But, I will miss her and her warm welcome each and every time I saw her.

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Alyssa said...

How sad! You have known a lot of young people pass away this past year or so. I am glad Bunny left such a sweet impression on you after all your meetings and chats. Shouldn't we all follow that example...leave people happy and feeling loved by having known you.