July 16, 2010

She's heading to Disneyland... Lucky!

Kenzie got invited to go to California with a friend.

She has been so excited.

Aaron & I have been very excited for her too.
Her brothers are REALLY excited for her to go.

She is going with a darling family that will keep her happy and safe.

I know she will have fun so... why do I have anxiety about her leaving???

I love you Kenzie!!

Have Fun! Be Polite! Say Lots of Thank Yous! And Be Safe!!

See you July 24th....


Alyssa said...

Yikes! Gone for over a week without mom and dad??? These are the things I am NOT looking forward to when my girls are teenagers. Good thing she is such a great kid and will be with a family you trust. She will have a great time, for sure. Fun. Fun. Fun.

amanda said...

She will have so much fun. Don't worry. She'll be safe. It's a good break for you two to remember how much you do love each other. We all need those:) Enjoy!!!