July 18, 2010

The Birthday Couple!!

Happy Birthday Adam & Stephanie!!!

These two are enjoying life in Washington DC.
Adam is an intern & Steph is a nanny.
They are perfect for each other.

Adam is my youngest brother and is 24 TODAY.
He has always been driven, independent, & works hard.
He is talented (you should hear him rock a guitar),
dresses a little weird (you knew I had to say that),
& is a bit quiet, - he reminds me a lot of my Uncle Mike.
He is kind.
As I think about my little brother, I am amazed.
My mom died 9 days after his 22 birthday.
He was/is still a kid & still needs a mom.
(We all still need Mom.)

And then... I think of all he has done in the last 2 years
- going to college, getting married, finding jobs and apartments, taking finals, applying for internships, moving to DC, living far away -
when I did some of these things, I needed my mom.

Adam did it all without Mom.
He is still a kid but he is a GREAT kid
with great things ahead of him.
I am so proud of you, Adam!!
Happy Birthday!!
I love you & am glad you're my brother!!

Adam is married to Stephanie.
She has been by his side for a long time.
First his friend, as he served as a missionary in LA.
Then, a more permanent place in his life, - his wife.
She has supported him and all of his decisions.
She, too, is a pretty amazing lady.
She loves children, vintage things, art, & traveling.
She is a talented actress.
She has many friends & cherishes her relationships.
She is beautiful - on the inside and out.
She celebrates her birthday on Tuesday.
Happy Birthday, Steph!!
I love you & am glad you are part of our family.



amanda said...

You are always so nice and thoughtful.
I hear they are in NYC for their birthdays. I'm a little jealous. But I am glad they are living it up before they get tied down to permanent jobs and poopy diapers.
Happy Birthday Adam and Stephy!!!

Alyssa said...

What a beautiful couple!! Great post!