January 17, 2009

Written by Kenz

Fun is Almost Over but Just Beginning For Josh and Megan!

My parent have been gone for six days now. Us kids are missing them but having a blast with Gma Becky and Gpa Tom and Remy! We have done so many fun things including, my first time bowling and getting second place( Gma Becky got first), buying 12 fish and a fish aquarium, killing six fish (Not so fun for the fish), going to Walmart four days straight, eating pizza and staying up late, having Gpa Earl come over for dinner, going to Petco and much more!!! My parents are sort of feeling home sick but not a ton! They come home tomorrow morning. Six A.M to be exact!! Once they come home, the party is over, NO OFFENSE MOM AND DAD! But today was just the start of Josh and Megan's fun... They got to go to Indiana to visit my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins. Manda, Brett, Jane, Tobe, and Aly! They are so lucky! They have been super excited! They got plane tickets for Christmas and I bet they have been counting the days until they get to get on their airplane and fly off! :) Hope you guys have a blast there!!!!! Say hi to the Hatches for me!!! Bahahaha!!!


  1. Hey Kenz. Sorry your fun is coming to an end. Ours really is just beginning. I don't think we will let them come home though so our fun will never end..ha ha.
    I need to learn how to make my blog cute. Yours is too cute. You are quite the blogger.

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