January 25, 2009

Written by Kenz

Ice Fishing and Saddness

Sorry I have not posted anything. Yesterday was super busy. Well, the past two days has been pretty busy. On Friday, Sam Allen and I got to sleep over at Grandpa Earl's house. Then next day, we all went ice fishing in Saratoga Springs Boat Dock. That is where we all go boating in the summer so it was a shock to see it totally frozen! It was really cool thought. At the beginning, there was no luck for any of us. Then this wonderful man shared his lucky secret. He looped it some different way, after he told gpa, he did his special way on Sam's pole. After the man did it, Sam caught 3 in 4 mins.!!! The score when we were done was, 8,4, and 1. Sam was the eight, Gpa was the four. But the cool part was that we were all catching Bluegills but then Gpa caught... a croppie! It was huge compared to the Bluegill. It was really cool. And guess what, I got the one fish! :( It is okay thought. Once we got home, we gutted the fish and I got all the meat off of Grandpas fish. We had a really fun time together. Sadly thought, Today is the last day Mackay and I are off track. We have been off for five weeks! Now we will go on until March 30! That is downer. Oh well... The pic is of my fish that I caught.... :) eww


  1. Thanks Grandpa for taking the kids. They had a blast!!
    Kenzie - you need to use spell check!!
    I am glad you blog- keep it up!!
    I love you!
  2. I once went ice fishing with your Grandpa Earl's friend Don Allen. We caught nothing and I mostly remember seeing a whole bunch of yellow spots on the ground. Did you see that?
    Also it was frrrrrreeeezzing that day.

    Cool that you caught so many fish. Did your Mom cook them up??

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