February 5, 2009

Written by Kenz

Bangs, Bruises, and Brats

Hey, so my daddio just sprained his ankle!! Ouch! " His" story is that he was jogging and then wanted to go in the road so he stepped off the sidewalk and slipped on some ice and took a tumble. (Can you imagine that??) My mom's story is that there was a little puppy that was coming after him and so he did not want to deal with it, so he stepped off the curb and biffed it! Then the little puppy came and licked his face to make it better. :) Well another fun thing is I got my haircut. I got bangs! That's fun! And, my class is doing a Shakespeare play. A Mid-Summer Nights Dream. All of my friends tried out and they all got leads. I didn't try out but I gave a note to my teacher saying I will be anything but a narrator. I got Narrator #1. I am sad.


  1. Well done my friend, well done.
  2. Haha! I like Dawn's side of the story better about the whole ankle thing, sorry aaron!!

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