February 25, 2009

Written by Kenz

Writing Assessment Test, Jazz!

Today was my 6th grade writing assessment test.... It is counted for so many things including if I am able to get into Honor's English in 7th grade. I don't know how well I did... That topic we had to write about was just about the dumbest thing I had ever heard off. It was used for 2nd graders for crying out loud!!! I will tell you how I did once I know. The waiting is now killing me... But one good thing that is coming out of this week is that I might get to go to a Jazz game with my Papa. :) on Saturday. Let's hope I get to go. It is for like a daddy-daughter or father-son. My brother's father-son date was going to some other jazz game and mine was.. drum roll please...... Shopko for milk!!!!!!! Yeah, so he better choose me.

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