March 1, 2009

Written by Kenz

Gma, Temple, Fun....

As you can see, i posted three pictures. They are all in a line because I have no idea how to write above them or move them down. The first picture is Jessica, my cousin, and Steph, my soon-to- be aunt, at the temple. That is right. On February 21 2009, my family went to go see the Draper Temple. It is soo amazingly beautiful! I could go there again, even though it was three hours. But I enjoyed it. The second picture is Gma Kathy. Yesterday was her birthday, February 28, 2009. We celebrated it with the last picture. My family wrote happy birthday notes to her and sent them away to "heaven". We went to the cemetary and but some ballons on the gravestone and let our ballons fly to her. Although Hayden cried because he didn't want his ballon to go away, it was a fun "Birthday Party" Plus, I went to my first JAZZ GAME LAST NIGHT, I tell about that later...


  1. Hey Kenz, Thank you for posting pictures. I love to see all of you. We sent cards to heaven too. It was a neat experience. I miss Grandma:(
  2. It was fun to send Grandma the cards.

    Keep posting pictures for Manda. I wish I knew how!!

    I love you Kenzer!
  3. Kenzie, It was fun to see pictures of your family, your grandma and Jessie, too. Your grandmother just loved her grandchildren. I know a lot about all of you because of how much she loved to talk about you. She is missed so much, isn't she?

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