January 8, 2009

Written by Kenz

Fun Filled Week Ahead of Us!

This is my first real blog so wish me luck! Some fun things are about to come to our family, including... My parents are lucky enough to have a fun filled trip for a week. And guess where they are going... HAWAII!!!! The bad part is that they are not taking us. (me, Mackay andHayden) But we still get a treat. My grandparents are coming for a week to watch us! They live in Nevada and they are driving here. They have never been here, well to our house at least, for a full week! I bet they will like our new house, but boy, they don't know what they have gotten themselves into! Another fun thing is that they are bringing their big puppy, well not really a puppy. It is a big chocolate lad named Remy. She is the sweetest thing but she can put my brothers to the ground in two seconds! When they get here, I will post some pictures of them, so stay up with me! :)


  1. Look at you. Music, 2 posts, and a pretty pink background. I think you have gotten the hang of this whole blog thing. Thanks Kenz!
    I hope you have a good time with your grandma, grandpa, and their chocolate LAB, not lad:):)

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