January 23, 2011

A Birthday Boy (& his wife) on a Boat!!

Disclaimer - A photo travel log....
Friday - We said Goodbye to our kids and left them with Josh and Megan and their boys.
Our kids couldn't wait for us to leave.
We had a lay-over in Houston.
While we were eating lunch, a cute couple sat at the table right next to us. I recognized them from Dancing with the Stars. I tried to take their picture without them knowing... Aaron laughed at me... as we got up to leave, without warning Aaron asked if he could take their picture, explaining that his "wife would love to have a photo" with them. I was totally unprepared as to what to say and wondered if I had food in my teeth...
Her name is Anna & I can't remember his name - he danced with and dropped Marie Osmond and she danced with Kurt Warner and Evan L (the ice skater).
It was totally cool!!
We arrived in Fort Lauderdale late Friday night and staying in a hotel.

Saturday was Aaron's ACTUAL Birthday.
We got on our ship - The Eurodam on Holland America.
(Our ship ... Aaron on our balcony...)
(Our room and our Bathroom -note a standing shower AND a jetted tub -
NEVER have I seen a tub on a cruise ship. I was impressed!)
After exploring the ship, we went to dinner.
They brought Aaron his very own birthday cake
(he asked them not to sing, so they didn't...).

Sunday was a Sea Day and a formal night. We sat in the sun a little too long.

Monday - Grand Turks. We took a bus tour of the 7 mile island.
Beautiful Beach but not a lot there.
(on the pier)
(In front of the most popular and oldest churches on the island...
After learning we were from Utah, a man on the bus asked if Mormon missionaries were on the island.
I was wondering the same thing??? Didn't see any missionaries or churches???)
(Aaron taking pictures for other couples - He is such a nice guy...)

Tuesday - Old San Juan Puerto Rico. Again we took a bus town of the city.
(shopping down town Old San Juan)
(A Pirate ship on the pier that has been used in many movies)
We visited a Fort that was used buy the Spanish soldiers to keep the pirates out.
(Aaron on top of the fort looking out where cannons shot at their enemy)
(standing a top the fort - the view from the fort of the city)
(These were EVERYWHERE!! Ick!!!)

Wednesday - A Beach Day in St. Thomas!!!
Just what I like.
We decided to go to Emerald Bay instead of Meagan's Bay.
There were 7 ships at port so it was CROWDED!!
We went into the city for about 1/2 hour but didn't need anything (except these GROSS LIZARDS) and didn't want to fight the crowds.
We had to be back on the ship early to set sail.
After dinner, we found the theater and watched EAT PRAY LOVE (Aaron took one for the team).

Thursday - Sea Day.
I laid in the Sun while Aaron roamed and read his book. He was tired of the sun.
Again, we found the theater room and watched Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps (this time I took one for the time - fair is fair).

Friday - Half Moon Cay (a private island owned by Holland America).
This place was HEAVENLY!!!!
It was a little windy which made a fun ride on the tender to get us from the ship to the island.
The water was perfectly CLEAR! Aaron LOVES the water!! I love looking at the water from my nice clean lounge chair... I did get in... Just not as much as Aaron.
The sand was like powder!
It was so relaxing!!
We had an island BBQ for lunch and then headed back to the ship.

Saturday started early and was spent in the Houston and Denver airports until arriving home to Utah after 9 pm. It made for a long day when you factor in the different time zones we enjoyed all week..... :(

We had a great time!!
Ate too much but what are vacations for???
We slept in and even took naps!! We did lots of cross word puzzles and lots of reading. We got dressed up in the evenings and spent our days in swimming suits. It was PERFECT!!
We love traveling together!!
I was happy to see my kids again but LOVE spending time with my sweet husband.
Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy!!!


Lindy said...

What a great birthday present! How lucky for you that he shared. Looks like it was a great trip.

Shauna said...

What a fun, warm time and what a great birthday present.

Alyssa said...

So happy you enjoyed warm, sunny weather. Sunshine and relaxation is rejuvenation for the soul. Beautiful, scenic pictures. Thanks for posting. Makes me want to sneak away on a cruise. Holland America looks like the way to go, for sure. I have never seen such an enormous cabin & bathroom. Have a great day!

Debbie said...

Looks like a BLAST!