January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

It is a day early but I won't have access to my computer tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Aaron's Birthday!!!
I am a very lucky girl!!

I am LUCKY not only because:
*He is totally handsome and incredibly kind
*He is smart and clever
*He can fix anything I break or Kenzie breaks
*He is generous not only with me and our kids but to his family and mine
*He makes me feel beautiful and comments on my outfits, hair, and lipstick
*He is patient
*He loves playing with our boys
*He has nicknames and voices for kids
*He loves my brothers and sisters and enjoys family parties.
*He enjoys traveling with my dad & freezing while trying to ice fish.
*He adored my mother and misses her almost as much as I do.
*He always respects me and supports my ideas
*He will make things happen when I don't know how
*He can fix my car
*He takes me on a date every Thursday night
*He teaches our kids to respect those around them and to be polite
*He fulfills his callings even when he has the Flu and spends the rest of the day throwing up
*He doesn't mind pausing the movie to explain it to me
*He expects me to do my best and brings the best out of me
*He loves me even when I don't love myself

Those are not the ONLY reasons I am a lucky girl!

I am a LUCKY GIRL because he always takes ME out of snowy Utah...
...and someplace sunny and warm on HIS birthday.
I think, maybe he will get LUCKY for HIS birthday ... :)

Happy Birthday Babe!


Alyssa said...

Enjoy! Hope your warm vacation is the BEST!

Shauna said...

OOh, where do you get to go? Anyplace warm would be so nice right now. Happy Birthday to Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, that was a beautiful tribute to my Son. Everything you said is true. I am so grateful to be his Mother. It was very touch and go for Aaron , when he was born.His lungs were not fully developed. Breathing for him was more than difficult. I feel very strongly, that the power of the priesthood allowed him to get through that most horrible time. And just look at him now!! One very handsome, kind and thoughtful Man. He is such a gentleman, that he even let his twin sister be born first.He was willing to wait 6 minutes for his turn. He is a great husband, father, and priesthood holder. Aaron, I wish you the Best Birthday ever. You truly deserve it!!! Your loving Mom