February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mom's birthday.
Time is my friend.
Time has dulled the heartache ... or I am just better at hiding it.
I didn't wake up with that "lump in my throat" or "pit in my stomach" feeling. Instead I went to the gym (could barely walk after, thank you Jenn) and ran errands.
I was okay ... except for the time in Ikea, while talking to Ashley that I burst into tears. Or the moment when I listened to my messages and heard Susan Boyer, one of my mom's good friends, remind me that "she thinks of her everyday and still misses her". Yep... other then that, I was okay. But I thought of her ALL DAY!!!!!
In my mom's honor, I crawled into a HOT Bath (one of my mom's favorites), at 4:00 pm and put in extra bubble bath. Then, I gathered my sweet little family to celebrate my mom on her birthday. We ate Spaghetti with red sauce for dinner (one of her favorites).
We sang Happy Birthday and made a wish as we blew out the candles on heavily frosted cupcakes/cookies (another one of her favorites).
We each wrote her a birthday card and attached it to a balloon to "send it to heaven"
(she would not say this was her favorite).
And watched our messages float away.
I asked my kids what they remember about Grandma Kathy. They still remember a lot and I am trying to remind them of the things she loved. I try so hard to be like my mom. I wish I was more like her. She really was THE BEST!!!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!
(Next year... we are having a BIG party-all of us!)


amanda said...

Yay for the best mom ever!!! My kids say they remember a lot about her but I think it is because I tell them. She wanted them to "remember her always" so I am going to do my darndest to remind them.

Alyssa said...

I love the ways in which you remember your mom every year. But the way you live your life is the best tribute to your awesome mom. You are a terrific wife/mother/friend/sister/daughter...etc, etc. Your mom was a great example to you and she is proud of you every day, I know it. Happy Birthday to your mom! (Loved the pics of everyone!)

Shauna said...

What a great day in remembrance of your mom. I was with my mom and Beck this weekend and we talked about your awesome mom, we all have very good memories of her and what a great woman she was.

janhans said...

Dawn, You totally amaze me..Like Alyssa said, just the way you live your life as a Wife, Mom, Sister Daughter, and in my case a Daughter- in- law. You have qualities that your Mom would be so Proud of. Of course, she would be very modest in accepting the fact that she taught them to you. Happy Birthday to you, dear Kathy. We think of you so very often, AND WANT TO "THANK YOU" FOR RAISING A WONDERFUL DAUGHTER

Debbie said...

My computer crashed in a huge way. I think I know the culprit. We tended Kami and Kyle's little ones for 6 days, then took off for CA, then a 3 day conference away for me. Anyway, I haven't been on my computer forever. I still don't have my stuff back on. I will feel soooosad if I can't get my pictures back. Anyway,I had 300 posts on Google Reader when I checked tonight.
I also think of Kathy everyday. I wonder what she is doing. Sometimes, I say, "Kathy what is it like?" There are things we don't get. But you are doing so well, Dawn. You Mom is proud of you for sure. Love.