July 7, 2012

Minute to Win it Round 1

Our Sad Send Off Party for the Hatches is always a 
Round 1
Shake it - Get the M&M’s from the top to the bottom & back up. 
Tobe, Hayden, Ben, Colin

Puzzled - Finish the puzzle in 60 seconds
Jane, Aly, Kamryn

Hut Hut Hike - Hike Football through Hula Hoop
Rustyn, Sam, Jake, Mackay

Chocolate Unicorn- Stack 6 Oreos - one at a time - on forehead & balance for 10 seconds
Kenzie, Taylor, Jessica

Face the Cookie - Without hands move the Oreo 
from your forehead to your mouth
Tanner, Adam, Josh, Brett

Stack Attack - Stack red cups into a pyramid 
then collapse back to a stack
Stephanie, Megan, Manda 

Card Ninja - Flick 2 cards into a bucket
Aaron, Rob, Scott, Earl

Movin’ On Up - Moving 1 cup at a time, get clear cup to the top
Jenn, Ashley, Roe

Those who finished the task in less then 60 seconds will move on to Round 2

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