July 7, 2012

Minute to Win it Round 2

Minute to Win It
Round 2
Choose a partner & Draw a number.
The number drawn is the task you will be performing.

#1 Ready Spaghetti
Without hands transfer 3 empty soda cans from one table to another using a spaghetti noodle that is  in your mouth & the mouth of your partner

#2 Bucket Head
Catch 3 ping pong balls that are tossed by partner into the bucket that is on your head.
#3 On the Rebound
One partner tosses the ping pong balls while the other rebounds the balls with the clipboard that is tied around their waist.  Rebounding 3 balls into a bucket.

Those PARTNERSHIPS that finish the task 
in less then 60 seconds will move on to Round 3

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