December 20, 2010

Christmas Chain 15-20 (loads of pictures)

Dec 15 - Go See Kenzie's
Christmas Choir Concert

We sat BEHIND Kenzie so all we saw was the top of her head... :(
(and go to Mackay's Basketball game)

Mackay is #23

Dec 16- Take Gifts to Friends

(and go to Mackay's Basketball game)

Dec 17- Take Gifts to Teachers

(and go to Mackay's Basketball game)

Dec 18- Christmas Puzzle Day

Hayden LOVES puzzles. We alternated doing 2 easy puzzles all day. I wanted to start my hard one, but got scared. I need Jenn to come over to help me. Maybe for New Years Eve... :)
(and we went to Mackay's Basketball game)

This is how we all felt after 5 basketball games in a row...)

Dec 19- Birthday Party for Ashley,
Mackenzie, and Hayden

(and our annual cookie decorating party)

We called Indiana to talk to Manda on the computer. It was so fun to actually SEE Manda and her cute kids!! It was hard to hang up... :(

Aly & Manda on the lap top watching Hayden and Kenzie open their presents.

We had a visitor from the NORTH POLE!! The kids were so surprised!

The Halls

Mackenzie, Mackay, & Hayden

The Dorius'

Colin & Ben

The Dorius'

Adam & Steph

The Marsee/Moores

Taylor, Rustyn, & Kamryn

Dane & Jake

The Allens

Jessica, Tanner, & Sam

Tyler & Alissa (Jessica's Boyfriend & Best Friend)

The Dorius'

The Fishers

Roe's Grandsons Sam, Alex, & Jesse

The kids sat and sang at the top of their lungs at the Player Piano. We used to do that when we were teenagers. Dad, Jenn, and I just giggled watching and listening to them.

Dec 20- Go see a Christmas Movie -

Bah Hum Bug!! None of my kids want to go, so we are all still in PJ's doing our own things.
(and go to Mackay's Basketball games - one at 5 pm and one at 7 pm)


Merilee said...

How fun to be able to do that with so much family! Growing up we used to get together with all my cousins, and it was SO fun doing a lot of those same traditions. Your kids will have many great memories. :)

Alyssa said...

Loved all of the pictures. Thanks for posting. Just got home from our own family gathering. Gotta love the chaos and fun. Can't believe none of your kiddos wanted to go see a Christmas movie. Are they already out of school? We still have a few more days to go....

amanda said...

Thank you for letting us be a part of the party. It felt like I was there--well almost:(
Looks like you are having a fun and festive (and busy with basketball games:) Christmas season.

amanda said...

WOW! that is a lot of basketball games. benny and colien look so cute.