April 1, 2011

I Can't Wait!!!

It was my turn to do Sharing Time for the month of March. I tried to teach the primary children:
1- D & C 1:38 "...Whether by my own voice, or by the voice of my servants it is the same."
2- that Prophets speak for Heavenly Father.
3- and that there is Safety in following the Prophets.

Last Saturday, my sister Ashley and I took our daughters to the LDS Conference Center to attend the Young Women's Conference. Getting there was STRESSFUL, to say the least. (I hate downtown traffic and parking garages!!!) We finally entered the crowded doors of the Conference Center and took our seats. I was frazzled, sweaty, and wondered if it was worth the effort. Then... all my thoughts and worldly woes evaporated as I stood and watched President Thomas S. Monson, our prophet, walk in and take his seat.
I stared at him. I was in awe and I was calm. My thoughts were no longer spinning in my head. It was completely quiet. I was in the presence of a prophet of God. (Thank you Ashley for providing the tickets and putting up with my lameness when it comes to downtown.)

President Monson didn't speak at the conference.
But I KNOW that he is a Prophet of God.
I KNOW he speaks with God and for God.
I KNOW if I choose to follow his words, I can safely return to my home in heaven and live, eternally, with the ones I love most.
I KNOW all of these things because of the way I FELT with he entered the room.

This weekend is General Conference. It is my favorite weekend of year - not because I get to sleep in a little bit longer and then enjoy being spiritually fed IN MY PAJAMAS munching on treats - although I thoroughly enjoy those things. It is my favorite because I get to "listen to a prophet's voice and hear the words of God."
I can't wait!!!!!

If you have little ones who have a hard time listening to General Conference, click HERE or on the photo of President Monson for some print outs to keep your children interested.


Ashley said...

When you drive an Escalade, you are a VIP:) Just jokin! That was a great conference. So glad we made it happen. Enjoy this weekend!

mamamrowan said...

I'm excited too! I wish it was more often :) What do you do in primary? I'm the first counselor, and it will be my turn to teach in May. Thanks for your testimony!!

Shauna said...

We had the same experience last weekend at the YW meeting. But once we were there it was wonderful. I love General Conference too.

amanda said...

The night of the YW conference gives me anxiety just thinking about it:) So fun!! I too love this weekend. Can't wait to hear all the talks. There's always something just for me:) Thanks so much for the package. The kids can't wait to watch now too. You are so great and so very thoughtful. Thanks for always thinking of me. You're the best!!

Alyssa said...

Enjoy the weekend! I know we will all be spiritually nourished!