March 25, 2010

"And in the end, it is not the years in life that matter, but the life in years."

In the 40's he arrived, the only son of Ruth and Earl.
In the 50's he started school,

and fell in love with the "neighbor girl".

In the 60's, he moved around, played his guitar, and joined a band.

Until it was time to serve the Lord, as a missionary in a foreign land.

In the 70's, that neighbor girl

...was his wife and he was glad.

He practiced law,

... bought a home, and four little girls called him "DAD."

In the 80's, his sons were born, but his father passed away.

He changed his job, packed a van and took all his girls across the USA.

In the 90's he did lots of fishing,

...paid for weddings,

...and wrote liquor laws.

He lost his mother,

...took Mom to England, and became know as the "Grandpa".

From 2000 to 2010, he enjoyed and endured a lot.
Bought Mom her dream home made of "providence" brick, and trimmed every tree on the lot.

He welcomed all his children, one by one, they moved back in.
His girls brought many grandkids, son got married, and one served a mission.

He was happy, he was content, ready to begin his "golden years".

But 2008 would be different, filled with heartache and many tears.

The "Love of his Life", the "neighbor girl" he loved so young,

Passed away and went to heaven, her earthly work was done.

He was lost, his heart was broken, he was sad, yet he was strong.

He spent time reflecting, being thankful, then realized he had to LIVE on...

He squared his shoulders, took a deep breath and with his children by his side.

He met a lady, got to know her, and asked her to be his bride.

So, you see he has been busy, especially this last little while.
But looking back on his life thus far, he can only stand and smile.

He learned, he served, he wed. He has GREAT posterity. :)

He has accomplished and done so much and he's only 63!!

Happy Birthday to this man - who leads and guides our family.
Have a Great Year and many many many many more....
Happy Birthday to YOU from ME.

Happy Birthday Dad!!


amanda said...

You have me crying:( That was really neat and well written. You are so clever. I hope my kids can say all that about me someday. A life well lived and well endured:) Happy Birthday Dad!!

Alyssa said...

I think words of love, just like these, are the best gift you can give your dad. Dads don't really know how we perceive them until we let them know. From your words, I felt your gratitude for your family. Our parents play such a significant role in who we become, who we marry and how we lead our own children. I am grateful for your dad, too. He and your mom, together, raised YOU -a great woman- who I consider a great friend. Happy Birthday to your dad! I can imagine the Dorius family has something fun planned in his honor. Enjoy!

Lindy said...

Tears in my eyes...the love beteweena daddy and daughter is great. So glad you are blogging Dawn! You're amazing!

Shauna said...

Great post. I remember a lot of those pictures from your house growing up.