March 23, 2010

It's Derby Time...

Mackay and Aaron participated in their first Pinewood Derby.

They started working on the car 3 weeks ago. Whoa.... Where was I when my brothers were doing this?? I must have been in my selfish-years, because I don't recall Dad and the boys stressing over every aspect of the derby. It was crazy to see how “in-to-it” the boys, and I mean the DADS were. I had to laugh watching the men try to figure out if it was better to have the weight in the front of the car or the back, on top of the car or underneath. The testosterone in the room was unreal. Then there were the Cubs – they stood patiently next to their dads, looking up with nervous eyes, waiting to be told they can now touch their cars.

I was a bit nervous walking in, I wasn't sure if we would leave with tears or smiles. I almost took a magazine to distract me from the competition. I entered the gym and was greeted with a familiar voice saying, “Hello, Dawn!” There was Don Allen. I grew up in the Butler 8th ward with Don Allen. We moved in when I was three and I moved out when I got married at 19 years later. Don Allen has been a family friend for many years. He fishes with my dad and has done many electrical projects (like halos) for my mom. He has been doing Pinewood Derbies for 30 years!! It was so fun to see him.

He asked if I would help.

I spent the next two hours recording the times of 17 cars race four times each. I was stressed and sweaty by the end... hoping I recorded everything correctly. Occasionally, I would look up to see Mackay jump up with excitement when his car would race. I loved seeing Aaron raise a fist of success when his, I mean THEIR car did well.

Mackay's car won "Best Decals"...not sure what that means. I loved how Troy Polamalu's face sits in the windshield and the back of his head is in the rear window- mighty clever!! Troy drove a sweet looking car, not the fastest, but definitely sweet!

Hayden loved the excitement and even got to race a banana car.

We left with smiles!! All in all, it was a great night.

Oh, except for the fact, that my face turned red and splotchy and my throat got really tight, now I have NO voice and I didn't do any screaming – Aaron thinks I may be allergic to graphite??? Lovely!!!

Way to Go Mackay & Aaron!!


amanda said...

It's looking so cute. You are a good blogger!! I put on FB that I wanted to see pictures of the pinewood derby before I remembered you had a blog now--so sorry for being impatient:)
Way to go Mackay (and Aaron:)

Shauna said...

A blog finally! It will be fun to read about you and your family. I love that you ran into Don Allen, funny.

amanda said...

jane mackeys raccar its alys favorite color