March 23, 2010


My friend, Kelly Webb Massey, lost her husband, Joe, last month. He needed a new liver and passed away while waiting.

Kelly was my friend. Joe was my sister Ashley's friend. When Ash and I talked about our experiences with these two people, it was as if we were talking about the same person. Kelly and Joe were sincere friends to those they met. They cared about the people around them. They took time to say, “Hello”. They didn't duck in a grocery store aisle because they didn't look cute or didn't have time to chat. They made sure you knew they cared. Both Kelly and Joe were GOOD people.

I talked to Kelly a few weeks ago to see how she was doing. She was inspiring. She said -

-She has bad moments, but hasn't had a bad day.
-She hates hearing it's going to be hard, she knows it and doesn't want to be reminded.
-She is grateful Joe worked from home for the past few years. He spent more time with his family then some husbands/dads do in a lifetime.
-And, of course, she said she misses her best friend and cries.

Unfortunately, they did not have health or life insurance. So, on top of the emotional ache of losing her spouse, she is hurting financially.

Last night Ashley, a few of her kids, Kenzie, and I attended a Benefit Concert for Joe's family. Many of their friends gathered donations for a silent auction and invited local artists to perform.

I was inspired at the many people who performed. Life is busy and one more night away from family is a sacrifice. I know some of the performers didn't know Joe and Kelly personally, but they were willing to share their talents to help a young mother in need.

I was inspired at the many people that came. It didn't cost a lot, yet every penny spent will go to Kelly and her children. The auditorium at Jordan High School was packed. Ashley and I expected to see many of our friends from high school. We didn't, but we saw a lot of families. My neighbor sat behind me. When I asked how she knew Joe and Kelly, she said, she didn't - she heard about the concert and decided to bring her daughters. Another lady that exercises with me saw a poster around town and decided to make it a family night. Strangers in our community brought their families to contribute to a good cause. That in itself was inspiring.

The performance inspired all ages in different ways. As I sat with gratitude in my heart, feeling inspired to be more thankful and serve more often, my daughter sat memorized and couldn't wait to get home to get her guitar out and play, inspired to use her talents.

It was a great night. I can't imagine what Kelly is going through. I hope to never know. I came home INSPIRED to be a better person, to kiss my kids and to tell my husband how much I love him. Inspired to take more pictures, send more cards, smile more often, and to spend more time playing “Old Maid” instead of acting like one.

I kissed my kids goodnight and crawled into my bed - grateful to have my husband next to me. Then I listened to my sweet little girl, unknowingly, serenade me to sleep.


Michelle said...

What a great story, Dawn. I feel so badly that this man died waiting for a liver. How blessed that makes me feel that Annie got one just in time. I, like you, am also grateful that my children and husband are here and we're together every night. You just never know!

Alyssa said...

I love that spiritual inspiration can come through all experiences, good and bad, if we are open to receiving it. I have been inspired in my life by difficult situations just as often as as I have been by the happy moments. I am thankful for opportunities to be reminded of how we are each important in God's eyes, and that our individual well-being (on every level)matters to Him, and He will find ways to attend to us through the mercy and talents of others on this Earth. Thank you for sharing this story, Dawn. I am inspired by all of the angels who are reaching out to this family. I can imagine it was quite an emotional event. Thanks for posting about it.

amanda said...

I feel bad for kicking little Aly in the butt as I put her to bed. She yelled, "That is unacceptable MOM!!" and she is right--it was:( I just have those days--grr... but I need to stop and savor these moments and be grateful for them. I am very blessed too. Thanks for the reminder!!