March 20, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I went to a church gathering last Wednesday for just women. The party theme was based on the song from Sound of Music and the line, “Brown Paper Packages tied up in string, these are a few of my Favorite Things.” Our assignment was to bring a brown paper bag with our favorite thing in it. We would then give our favorite thing away.

I gave it plenty of thought and wanted to come up with something different and unique. Something that I LOVE but that not anyone else would bring. Of course, I thought Diet Coke, but knew there would probably be several other bags filled with Diet Coke – to my surprise, no one brought Diet Coke – shame on you all.

I began asking those close to me, “What are my favorite things?” My husband's first response- “Put a party hat in your bag – you love to throw parties.” He is right, I LOVE hosting parties. Then he said, “Lip Gloss – you love make up.” Some of you may be giggling right now, especially if you have accompanied me to St. George without my sweet husband. It isn't a pretty sight...

I, of course, asked my sisters. To my surprise they answered almost the same way. First, they all said “Diet Coke”... and then they said, “Think of the things you love. You love your family, your church, and your mom.”

I was glad that my sisters knew that I loved my family. But does my family know that I love them?? Do I say it enough? Do I show them? I do LOVE my family. I adore my husband and feel privileged to be his wife. I adore my children and am grateful to be their mother. I don't feel like I am very good at being either one, but hope they know how blessed they have made my life and how much I LOVE them.

I love my church. I am thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, for the comfort and peace it gives my life. And especially for the HOPE that one day, I can be with my family forever. My testimony is strong. I know without a doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I do LOVE my church.

I love my mom. I knew that I loved my mom, but losing my mom, made me realize just how much I LOVE her. She was my best friend. I miss her terribly.

Yes, those are the things that top my “favorite things” list, but I still didn't know what I wanted to put in my brown paper package.

I continued to ponder and realized, I wanted my family and friends to know ALL of my favorite things. You can learn a lot about a person, if you know some of the things they love.

When my mom passed away, each one of my siblings got to speak at her funeral. I chose to share some of the things that SHE loved. I was so glad that I knew the things that made her happy. She made sure we knew her favorite things. Some were trivial, like large chocolate milkshakes, lime sherbet, and lemon candles. Her favorite color was red and she loved tulips. I knew her favorite scripture was 3 John 1:4. I knew that her favorite holiday was the 4th of July and that her greatest joy was her family.

So, I decided it is time for a blog. I have learned a lot about many of you because I read your blogs. Unfortunately, I am not a good writer, like my brother Josh. I am not calm and collected in my thoughts and life, like my sister Amanda. I am not funny, like my mom's best friend Debbie. I am not good at giving advice and finding the silver-lining, like my best friend Alyssa. I am an open book and not a good speller, like my cute daughter Kenzie. I am dramatic and get worked up easily. I sweat the small stuff. I get sad and feel sorry for myself often because my mom died. I love sharing ALL the details. But that is what I want for this blog. I want my children to read how much I love them. I want my husband to know how lucky and blessed I feel because he “chose me”. I want my siblings and dad to know how grateful I am for them. I want my family, friends and extended family to know my favorite things.

So Read, don't edit. Read, don't judge. Read, and smile- knowing I hit “send” before I hit “spell-check”.

I love raindrops on roses, I don't love whiskers on kittens (I hate cats), I love bright copper kettles (especially for a centerpiece) and warm mittens (not wool because it's itchy). I love brown paper packages tied up in strings (that come in the mail). ...These are a few of my favorite things.

BTW – I put a pair of flip flops and sunblock in my bag. I love the sun - thus the flip flops. And I hope to live longer then 59 years old – thus the sunblock. :)


amanda said...

Yay!! I am glad you started a blog. Now I will have to be better at keeping up on mine. I am glad to be able to not only hear about but see all you are up to. And you are right..your kids will love it too. Jane loves searching back to older posts in my blog. It's a neat record.

Alyssa said...

I wondered if you had brought something "sun-related" in your brown bag. It did not surprise me to hear about the flip-flops and sunblock because you have always been a sunshine gal since I have known you.

As for you and blogging....I think it is a great idea. I think writing thoughts down is a way to self-reflect and document meaningful experiences. I am also thrilled to be able to have another means of keeping connected to you, Aaron and the kids. And I am excited to see what else I can learn about you through your words.

I enjoyed this post and look forward to each and every post to come! (By the way, I love the name of your blog site!)

Debbie said...

That activity is a pretty cute idea. Did you really give your bag away? How did they determine who got it? What did you get?

We drove by the cemetary today and my heart hurt. Pam called and we talked about Kathy. We all miss her.

Good blog!

jenn said...

Loved it. You are a great writer,and I think you spelled everything right,and it did make me smile and laugh because it is so you. And "you" is a good thing. And I love YOU!!!

Lindy said...

Yea! Another blogger just like me..i'm not a great writer and I can't spell..i'm not out to write the next great American Novel, I'm just blogging share my thoughts with family and friends and record what's going on. I'm excited you have started. It will help me keep in touch better...we miss you and your sunshine personality mucho!