March 30, 2010

"You are my Very Best Friend"

Hayden has a Best Friend. His name is Hayden too.

When they play, sometimes one Hayden says to the other,

“You are my very best friend.”

Recently, Hayden told me that he needed to “explain to Hayden that they can't be best friends anymore."

I asked “Why?”

His answer, “Because Hayden played with someone else and not me.”

Now, I am trying to “explain” that it is okay to have LOTS of Best Friends.

Sometimes your BROTHER is your best friend.

(Mackay and Hayden)

(Hayden and Mackay, holding Colin and Ben)

(Josh and Adam)

(Aaron and Ryan)

(Brad, Ryan, and Aaron)

Sometimes your COUSINS are your best friends.

(Hayden and Tobe)

(Kenzie, Jessica, Taylor) (Jane, Hayden, Kamryn)

Sometimes our NEIGHBORS are our Best Friends.

(Mackay and "Little" Mackenzie)

(Jason, Mackay, Dustin)

(Kenzie and Kendra)

(Shauna and me)

And sometimes the people we go to school and church with are our best friends.

(Mackay's cub scouts)

(Kenzie's Young Women - Savannah)

Sometimes we laugh with our best friends...

(Makayla Derrick and Kenzie 2002)

And sometimes we cry with our best friends.

("Little" Mackenzie and Mackay 2007)

And in the end, hopefully we will Marry our BEST FRIEND. :)

Aaron and me

Stacy and Ryan

Adam and Steph

Josh and Megan

Brett and Manda

Rob and Ashley

Jenn and Scott

Such a hard concept for a little boy with only ONE Friend.


Shauna said...

Seriously almost cried seeing the picture of us. What a sweet post. You are a good blogger.

Alyssa said...

Loved all of the pictures. Friends are the best, for sure! And I agree, it is nice to be able to be married to a "best friend". Thanks for taking time to do this post. It was a great one. The pic of Kayla and Kenzie in 2002 was a blast from the past...loved it!

amanda said...

When I told Tobe he gets to go to Brooklyn and Brynley's house while I am in Utah---he screamed and said, "NO!!! I want to go to Haydee's:(" Haydee is still Tobe's best friend. Well maybe Micah now since they've shared their private secrets:)
I am glad I am married to my best friend. And I am glad that my sisters are my best friends:)

Debbie said...

Cute, cute pictures. You know how I feel about friends. Especially best friends. You are going blog crazy! I hope Kenzie's finger heals fast.

Merilee said...

Such a cute post Dawn!! That first picture has me cracking up! What is with that face?? hahaha