March 31, 2010

Kenzie's Big Bird - finger...

Kenzie walked in the door from school yesterday in tears - BIG TEARS and SOBS.
Apparently, during GYM/PE, while playing basketball, she tried to block a ball.
She was sure "It was BROKEN!!"

I took her up to the dentist office - yes I said "dentist" office. There is no way I am paying for an x-ray and exam, when my husband can take a quick x-ray and see if it is broken. If is WAS broken, then I would have taken her to the doctor's office.

It wasn't broken - just a good jam.

Don't look at the greasy hair...Kenzie's right hand- note the size of her "birdie" finger.

Kenzie's left hand- note the size of her "birdie" finger.

bad picture - tried to get a close up.

All photos were taken after all the drama - thus the black eyes.

We put her finger in a splint and she was good to go.
It got her out of guitar lessons - I didn't mind, it was snowing and I hate to drive in the snow.


amanda said...

Ouchie!! That looks painful. Poor thing. Glad it isn't broken.

Alyssa said...

Snowing??? Seriously??? We were basking in 80 degree weather yesterday. Hope Kenzie's finger heals quickly. Can't have her missing any more guitar lessons. She is way to talented to not keep polishing up those skills. Happy April Fools.....

Shauna said...

Ouch. Did you use the teeth x-ray?

Berezay said... kids would have taken it as an "ok" situation to give the bird! Yes...the apple didn't fall far from the BEREZAY tree....not mine! ;)

amanda said...

my mom dasint like to drive in snow.