April 4, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night -
We left the boys with Sam & took Kenzie to Uncle Adam's apartment to spend the night. Together, they wrote & recorded a song. It's actually really good. If I could figure out how to do a sidebar with songs, I'd put it on there & let you listen... :(

Aaron and I went to our first Independence Missouri Mission Reunion. Aaron served from January 1993-1995. I met Aaron the day I arrived in the mission, January 17, 1994. He was serving as AP at the time & picked me up from the airport - the rest is history. After all this time no one ever put a reunion together... until FRIDAY! It was so fun.

Independence Missouri Missionaries.

Aaron, Pres. & Sis. Murray, Me

President Murray - we LOVED serving under him. Amazing man!

Megin Otteson went to school with me and served in our mission.
She married an elder as well ...
There were actually 4 mission couples at the reunion
but we counted 7 or 8 couples that weren't there. Who would have thought????

We enjoyed watching General Conference. My boys quietly colored which allowed me to listen.
I loved Elder Ballard's talk on the relationship between a mother & daughter - I think he quoted Emerson(??) & said; "What you DO speaks so loud that I can not hear what you SAY." I need to apply that statement.
And, of course, I loved the BOLDNESS of Elder Holland - what an amazing message.

Coloring Boys

Quietly coloring boys

We colored Easter Eggs between the two sessions with Adam.

Sunday morning 7:30 am
We woke Kenzie - the boys were already awake. The Easter Bunny had arrived.

Mackay's, Kenzie's, and Hayden's Baskets

Kenzie and Mackay

All the kids got a baby chick.

We plan to watch the rest of conference today & then head over to my dad's home for dinner.

I always love Conference weekend - having a mission reunion, Easter, & spring break all on conference weekend made for a GREAT few days.

Just got home from Dad's -

Aaron chatting with Dan, Roe's son, and Kenzie looking over the yummy dinner.

Mackay and Hayden after the Easter Egg Hunt - Thanks Roe and Debbie (Roe's SIL)


Sam, Roe's grandson and Hayden's buddy!


jenn said...

Sam had a blast tending for you and was THRILLED with the $20, he said tell Dawn I will tend for her anytime. Glad you had a good weekend.

amanda said...

What a fun filled weekend. Busy!! Busy!! Conference was really good. Did you hear that talk all about mothers on Sunday? I can't remember who gave it--I thought of mom and missed her:(
Glad you went to Dad's. Wish I was there:(

Alyssa said...

Happy Easter! Loved the photos of the mission reunion. Can't wait to show them to Jeff. He respected and loved Pres. Murray, too. I think he would have enjoyed being able to see everyone. Maybe next time. Did all of your kiddos receive a "real" baby chick???? WoW! Glad you were able to listen to Conference this weekend. There were some inspirational messages for sure. Have a terrific week. Jeff is coming to town. I am sure he will be in touch with Aaron.