April 4, 2010

Written by Kenz (Choir Concert/Easter)

Recent Events

I had a Choir Concert. I found out my mom went out on a few dates with my Choir Director - Mr. Abbott - WEIRD!!

I have a red flower in my hair on the 3rd row.

Last week during gym I hurt my finger. I thought it was broken. My dad took an x-ray and it wasn't broken. It swelled up and turn lots of beautiful colors. It HURT!!

Me and My Swollen Finger

Today is Easter. We watched General Conference. My dad made me take notes.
For Easter, I got Pajamas, white sandals, a "M" necklace, flowers for my hair, and CANDY!

my Easter Basket in the middle.


  1. Welcome back to blogging!!! Looks like you had a fun Easter! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks:)
  2. Too funny that your Choir Director dated your mom! Hope your finger is feeling better. Keep posting.
  3. jane my firend has a blog and she has it fram march

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