April 5, 2010

20 years...

Jenn & Scott were teenagers at Butler Middle School when their paths crossed. I think it was a science class in the 8th grade. Jenn had a crush on the neighbor boy until the neighbor boy introduced her to his best friend, Scott.

Love at First Sight??? Probably.

Prom 1987

You see, Jenn is one of those people whose life turns out exactly how she planned it. Being her younger sister I watched, as she ALWAYS:
*chose the right
*got perfect grades
*came in on time
* never broke the rules

Oh, and:
*helped baptize
*waited for while he served an LDS mission

she married her Best Friend in the Salt Lake Temple.

Wedding Day - still looking for one of Jenn's face - she looked so beautiful!!

But it doesn't end there.

Jenn and Scott continue to live the life they always wanted.

20 years later...They have added three darling, responsible, kind, well-mannered children.

Jenn's Graduation from BYU with JESSICA

TANNER is born

SAM joins the family

Christmas 2010

The Family 2009

20 years later... They are active, healthy, supportive, respectful, and kind to one another.

20 Years Later... They are still Best Friends

20 years later... Scott still looks at Jenn the way he did in Junior High... totally in love.

I love you both and have looked up to you my entire life.

As your little sister, I always wanted to be


Now that I am older and married, I want to be


20 Years Later Happy and in Love.

You and Scott are an amazing couple.

Twenty Years is just the beginning for the two of you!!

Happy Anniversary

Jenn and Scott!!


amanda said...

I thought of them today as I looked at the calendar. I too, always wanted to be just like Jenn and Scott. They have it all!! Happy Anniversary!!

Alyssa said...

Beautiful couple! Wow - twenty years. Amazing!

jenn said...

Thanks for the post. Those are some crazy old pictures. So fun. Hard to believe it has been twenty years and just gets better and better. We have a great life and are so blessed.