April 6, 2010

Assigned Seats

Last week, I was laying on my bed, watching nothing on TV, waiting for my kids to get home from school. Kenzie arrived 1st, as usual.

She never says much when she comes in. She is like her dad - she comes in the door, drops the mail on the counter. I ask, "How was your day?" She replies "Fine" and runs upstairs to her room. Five minutes later, she comes down in pajamas and makes herself a lunch/dinner (she doesn't like to eat at school, a bit of MY mother in her). I annoy her questions, but get little to no answers. She never tells me details of the day, no matter how much I beg. She likes to quietly unwind from the day, just like her dad.

Mackay, on the other hand, is just like me. He walks in, doesn't remove his coat or backpack, he makes a bee-line for his mother, and then fills me in. He tells me what he did at recess, what he ate for lunch, how he did in each class, he tries to tease me with spelling test scores, and let's me know what homework he needs to do. He is an open book, just like his mother.

Back to last week... Mackay came home 15 minutes after Kenzie. He came straight in my room, backpack, coat, and snowy shoes still on. His eyes were big. His face - intense. Our conversation went like this:

Mackay, in a stern voice: "I got an assigned seat."

Me, nonchalantly: "Good."

Mackay, again in a stern voice: "in the FRONT."

Me, with a happy sound: "Great! Now you won't have to use your glasses as much."

Mackay, loud and frank: "ON THE BUS!"

It's funny how those three words "ON THE BUS" completely changed the tone of our conversation.

Apparently, he and his buddy stood up (which they deny) while the bus was driving. Ron, the bus driver, slammed on the breaks, pulled the bus over, did some yelling, and put Mackay and his friend on the front seat of the bus. (I would have cried if the bus driver yelled at me.) Mackay tried to tell Ron that he wasn't standing but Ron told him "not to argue." (Can you just see it??)

Mackay now gets to sit on the front seat of the bus "for the rest of the school year." Unless.... someone else stands up on the bus and has to have the assigned seat.

Jason, Mackay, and Dustin coming off the bus on a happier day-
Dustin shares the assigned seat with him.


amanda said...

Bummer!! It's no fun to get in trouble but especially when you didn't even do anything (wink wink;)

Alyssa said...

Yikes! At least the front seat has the best view. And maybe sitting in the front will guarantee he is one of the first kids off the bus when he gets to school, right? I always loved to be the first kid off the bus - who doesn't like a head start????

Debbie said...

Hopefully someone stands up real soon!
They were probably just very excited talking about SPORTS.

amanda said...

why did mackay get yelld at.