August 21, 2012

Some Nights ...

"Some Nights" 
Kenz endured "Some (long) Nights" recently when she had an ear re-pinned.  
Although, happy with how her ears turned out, she wanted her right ear pulled a bit more. 
We opted not to put her completely out this time.   
Kenz waiting for the Numbing Medicine to kick in.  She didn't like this part too much.
Waiting for Dr. Bindrup & trying to smile for a pic for Facebook.
Once the slicing and stitching began, Hayden excused himself and sat in the hallway.
Kenz needed a distraction so I handed her my phone.  
She decided to take a few photos from under her drape...  funny girl.

Once done, we picked up her meds and headed home.
 This recovery was a little different this time -  Lots of BLOOD, drainage, and sleepless nights.  
Stitches come out this Thursday.
 "Some Nights" aren't very fun when you've had your ear cut open and sewn back up.

She did get a cute new hair cut and color a few days before the surgery - just in time for school to start.

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amanda said...

She looks more like you with her cute hair cut. And can I just ask; WHY in the world didn't she get put out? That pic of dripping blood while she's under the drape is yucky!!!! Poor thing. Is she happy with the outcome or is it too soon to tell?
She's pretty no matter what!!!!