December 26, 2016

Christmas Festivities

December 1st: Open Chocolate Advent Calendar
December 2nd: Open Christmas Blankets
December 3rd: FHE Nativity

December 4th: Listen to the Prophet - First Presidencies Christmas Devotional
December 5th: Walk to Bethlehem
December 6th: Zupas for Dinner (Mackay has ortho)
December 7th: Open Silly Christmas Shirts
December 8th: The Roof & Temple Square

December 9th: Deliver Neighbor Gifts to Earn Money 
December 10th Shop for Each Other
December 11th: Open Special Drinks under the Tree
December 12th: Have Breakfast for Dinner
December 13th: Puzzle Night

December 14th: Kenzie's Birthday - YM/YW Activity
December 15th: Making Cookies for Cookie Party

December 16th: Drive Around to See the Christmas Lights

December 17th: Open New Christmas Movie
December 18th: Kenzie's Birthday & Cookie Party

December 19th: Open Pez Candy
December 20th: Girls Night at Nutcracker
Boys Night at Black Bear Diner
December 21st: Christmas Movie Marathon
December 22nd: Lashbrook Charity Breakfast

December 23rd: Exchange Sibling Gifts & Fuji for Christmas Adam 

December 24th: Christmas Eve at Grandpa's

December 25th: Christmas Morning

Christmas Night

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