May 31, 2012

We are READY!!!

School is almost out!!
Manda and her kids are almost here!!
I am ready for SUMMER to begin!!

To wrap up school activities, I went to: 
Hayden's class on Tuesday
He showed me his best work from the year.  
He loved his teacher and luckily his teacher loved him.
We will miss Mrs. Schultz.

Mackay's Utah Performance on Thursday.  
He did a GREAT job.  
More photos on his  performance on his blog - click HERE to see.

Way to Go MACKAY!!

I would love to go to Indian Hills Middle School to see Kenz's work, but she didn't invite me... ;0)

To get ready for Manda and her kids to come we have: 
cleaned and cooked.  
scoured and planned.   
weeded and planted.  
The only thing left (besides last minute grocery shopping) is.... 
Clean out the WINDOW WELLS....  
In the time that we have owned this house, the window wells have NEVER been cleaned out.  Mackay happily jumped down in the wells with a rake.
He gathered all the garbage, leaves, bugs, spiders,
 oh and THESE!!!!!!  
Glad it wasn't me in the window well... I am pretty sure a not very nice word would have escaped my mouth and I would have then had to ingest some soap (like Hayden has had to do lately).  
One word to describe these things!!!!
Mackay found SIX!!!  
We took them to the golf course and let them go. 
 Hayden cried. 
 He wanted to keep them as a pet.  

 I think we are pretty much ready for the Hatches to arrive!!! 


amanda said...

I am so glad we are worthy of having even the window wells cleaned out:) I really wouldn't want to wake up to those gross things--what are they? The kinda look like lizard but they kinda look like babies from a much grosser species. Yuck!!!
We can not wait to jump in the car and head west (aka HOME!!!) Thank you for all the planning, cooking, cleaning, planting, etc etc, we live for this trip and you make it so wonderful!!!

Dawn said...

We are Dorius(es) through & through!!!when having a party or house guests, you "clean up", light the candles, & turn on the music. You ARE WORTHY of ALL the things we are doing OR you are a great excuse to put our kids to work!!! Ha ha.... Actually, Aaron didn't think you should have to wake up to the Beer Can that someone left in the window well when they were building the house... ;0)

We CAN'T WAIT for you all to arrive!!!!!!!

No SALAMANDERS will be waiting for you! :( Gross!!!