June 11, 2012

Summer has Begun!!

Manda & her cute kids have arrived.  Her arrival means:
Summer has Begun!! 
We look forward to their visit all year.  
We know that our lives will be crazy filled with: 
non-stop activities
and lots of time together.  

They arrived Monday June 4th.  We had an impromptu Pizza Night to Welcome them Home!! (no pictures of course)
Tuesday was our REAL Welcome Party (theme: "There's No Place Like Home")
We ate lots of yummy summer salads and watched the kids earn their: 
"Courage"by doing something a little scary (fall backward into the arms of a cousin), 
"Heart"by doing something nice for someone,
& their "Brain"by following the yellow brick road scavenger hunt with hints from the Wizard of Oz.  Dorothy's Basket filled with goodies awaited them when they had earned all they needed.  (of course I didn't take many pictures)

Wednesday we went to Kamryn's Softball Game.  The kids loved playing on the playground and rocks at the park.  Kamryn is quite the little athlete.

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Alyssa said...

So glad you are posting. Figured you would be too busy with all of the family summer fun. Happy to hear things got off to a great start!