December 31, 2010

Haddie's 6!!!


Hayden turns 6 today!!!

He has been my crazy child - filled with Spunk, Spite, and Spirit!!
He is my little "Spit Fire".

(Hayden was 1 day old)

(Hayden's Blessing Day)

What would we do without:
A "Good Looking Boy"
The "Angry Little Animal"
My "Little Man"
Our "Haddie"

I LOVE you, Buddy!!!


Anonymous said...

We love you too Haddie...You are a "one of a kind" little boy. You are always making everyone laugh. Have an Awesome Birthday!!

amanda said...

Awww! We love Haydee and wish so bad we could be there for his special birthday party. I can't believe he is 6. What a big boy!!

Shauna said...

Such a sweet little boy. Happy Birthday to Hayden.

Alyssa said...

Is that toilet paper in Hayden's mouth in that last picture???? Love the pic of Hayden with your mom on blessing day. Can't believe how little Mackay and Kenz look in the 1-day old photo. Sheesh....time flies! Happy Birthday. Happy New Year. Miss you guys.