February 7, 2011

A Betrader Party!!

With the Super Bowl approaching, Mackay asked if I thought Ashley would "betrade" us???
Knowing exactly what he meant I giggled and responded with a "absolutely".
So we did our best to turn our basement into "Steeler" territory...
(Our Pre-Game Decorations...)
Let the GAME begin...
(Kamryn knew who to cheer for!!)
Nothing says Football like lip-lickin' chicken wings, chili dogs, and lots of treats!!
We are Steeler fans thru and thru!
The Marsees were decked out in their Green Bay Jerseys
(Amazing what Ash can do with a T shirt and some paint!)
We were right... Ash didn't disappoint - "Betrader!"
Poor Mackay - a "Die Hard Steeler Fan" -
He had a tough time enjoying the party/game.
He was a wreck heading out to the bus stop this morning.
Although our Steelers couldn't get the job done....
We still had a great time!!
We will miss watching Football for the next several months :(
Whens the next party???


Shauna said...

Wow, another fun party at your house. I love "betrader" funny.

Alyssa said...

We still love the Steelers. Good game even though they did not win. Glad to see you had such an amazing time with the family. Fun pictures. Love the Big Screen shots.