February 5, 2011

That Smile....

You have all heard me say that Mackay is my "sweet", "kind", & "obedient" child. He is also very "passionate" about sports. But we are seeing that being kind, sweet, and even obedient doesn't get you far on the football field or basketball court.
Aaron has worked with him A LOT trying to get him to be more AGGRESSIVE!!! We have seen a bit of improvement but really ... Mackay is just sweet, kind, and obedient - it is who he is.
(Coach Dolphin & Team Havoc)
Today - Mackay was playing in his basketball game. He fouled twice. He tried to, secretly look over to the stands to see if his dad saw him foul. Aaron yelled "Good Job, Mackay!" which made Mackay get "that smile" - the kind that you can't wipe off your face no matter how hard you try. We giggled watching him try not to smile. Mackay got fouled twice and got to shoot free throws. (Stressful for the mom.)
He was being aggressive and he was loving it. Grandpa Earl and Roe were there to watch the aggression... We were so proud!! Mackay was so proud! Until...
Mackay and another player got a little tangled up.
Once untangled, Mackay pulled away and the other kid took a swing at Mackay's face. Luckily, I was caught up in conversation. The other kid was ejected from the game. His mother wasn't happy and started yelling and screaming. The parents of our team started yelling and screaming in defense of Mackay. Mackay's DAD stood up and started doing some yelling and screaming... I was still confused... thank heavens....

They EJECTED Mackay!!!
My "kind", "sweet", "obedient", "non aggressive" little athlete got EJECTED.

I was a wreck and wanted to throw up. The other kid and his mother immediately left. Nothing like taken your ball and going home. I was glad. She scared me. Although I wanted to throw up - Mackay was o-k-a-y. His coach reassured him that he didn't do anything wrong and actually did everything RIGHT!!

You know the smile that I was talking about earlier... the one you can't wipe off your face... Mackay is still wearing his jersey and
"that smile!!"


Alyssa said...

Oh, I totally love the image in my head of this whole event playing out (especially "Bitter Mom" going home with "Swinging Son".

Mackay being ejected, though? I can't imagine it. But at the same time, "kudos" to him for trying to be a little more "rough" on the court. I think that is definitely part of playing all sports. You have to fight to win, right? Sounds like he is a winner in this one for sure.

amanda said...

forget about my tooth pleas. did you tell anyone? my mom did it on acsidint. it was a srpis.


Dawn said...

Ok Janey.... I am forgetting about it!! Nope - didn't tell anyone. Everyone will be so surprised! I miss you!