February 8, 2011

Aren't They Lovely??

Kenzie and her friend Madi are singing at Walmart on Valentines Day.
Not sure of the details or exactly what it means to sing at Walmart, but regardless, they are going to be singing a few love songs.
I must say that I love Kenzie's friends.
They are the cutest girls!
Madi is a very polite and kind teenage girl.
Aaron and I could not have picked a better gal for Kenz to spend her time with.
Even Mackay and Hayden say they "like it when Madi comes over. She is nice."
I love that they sit in front of the computer and sing together.
Such Funny & Sweet Girls...
Aren't they Lovely??


Alyssa said...

Love seeing Kenzie sing. I found a song I think would be fabulous for her voice. I am going to try to dig up the guitar music for her and send it over. Thanks for the post.

Debbie said...

Now that is funny!

amanda said...

She is so funny!! And so talented. Hey-Walmart? They gotta start somewhere:)