February 15, 2011

Kenzie's Valentine's Day GIG

Kenzie was invited to sing at the Walmart on 900 E. 4600 So in Murray. She told me she wasn't sure where she would be singing (foyer by the carts, outside begging for tips, by the check out stands???) and that it was "no big deal". She also gave me and Aaron the impression "not to come". SO.... I took Hayden and Mackay to see the Justin Bieber movie. (I have caught the Bieber Fever!!) As I sat there watching the movie - I kept thinking of Kenzie... Wondering how she was doing. I knew she was a little nervous. As soon as the movie was over, we dashed to Murray. I wanted to be there for her first "gig". HAD I KNOWN MORE ...I would have invited my entire family and her friends.

They had a cute make-shift stage behind the check out stands in the women's clothing area. They used 12 packs of Crush and Pepsi soda pop to make a huge heart (about 15 ft tall) behind them. She and Madi (her friend) would sing about 5 or 6 songs and then a high school aged girl would sing about 10 songs. They rotated from 3-6 pm.
It was DARLING!!! I was so proud!!! I wished I had had my camera and especially my video camera. I used my phone and got a few shots.
Kenzie sang a solo of the Elvis song "Can't Help Falling in Love with You". It stopped shoppers in their tracks. People were asking me "who she was" ... They boogied and sang with her and then applauded when she was finished. I was the proud mom sitting on the floor leaning up against the Valentine's day boxers with my phone in the air and a huge SMILE on my face.
Kenzie wants to perform. She is good at it. She puts herself on You Tube hoping to get some feed back and one day be noticed. I wish I knew how to get her "gigs". She was absolutely DARLING!!!


Alyssa said...

I am teary seeing these photos. "Little Kenzie" seems so "grown up" now. I don't care in what capacity she shares her voice with others (walmart/youtube), she should definitely keep doing it. How did she get the walmart gig anyway?

Merilee said...

That is so cool! Way to go Kenz!! She is so darling. I should have taken Parker to see her! Dang.

Anonymous said...

Kenz, All A Grandma can say is, YOU ROCK!! I am so happy for you and sooooo PROUD of you. Just to be willing to be on stage performing take total Guts!! I would say, that you are well on your way to STARDOM.... I Luv U Grandma Janice