February 1, 2011

Jazz It Up...

Aaron occasionally gets Jazz tickets from other doctors, in exchange for referrals (maybe the missionaries should start doing that... just kidding - not funny...)
Anyway - he usually only gets 2 tickets.
It ends up being a big fight as to who gets to go...
Aaron with ME!
Aaron and Kenzie!
Aaron and Mackay!
(Hayden usually doesn't care.)
Not this time...We decided to Jazz it up with the entire family last Friday night as they battled the Timberwolves.

We dined at Thaifoon before - Yummy!!!

Then we walked across the street to the Energy Solutions Building to watch the game.
As we walked, Mackay noted my outfit and told me I looked cute "like I could live down town or something." Kids say the nicest things... Especially THIS kid.

We ate way too much but had a blast!! Everyone enjoyed the game, making fools of ourselves as we tried to get on the jumbo tron and Kenzie & I REALLY enjoyed watching the people around us. All in all - it was a GREAT night!


Alyssa said...

So fun. I am glad your whole family could go. Never heard of the restaurant you mentioned. Is it Thai food?

Shauna said...

Those games are so fun. And Thaifoon, yum!

Patty Cakes said...

Sister Hall your blog is so funny! I thought you preferred to talk about spiritual things and personal progress. (compliment not insult)
You're a riot.