August 3, 2010

Today I am Bragging!!!

I decided when I started this blog that it would be:
A place to journal .
A place to VENT -

A place to remember lessons learned -

A place to brag about my family -

Today I am Bragging!!!
Kenzie has always had an out-going and strong personality. She isn't shy about sharing her talents. She lives for parties. And she makes friends easily. You could say Kenzie loves to be “Part of a Crowd”.

As her parent, I worried that she might ,one day, have the “everyone is doing it” mentality. But, I learned in November 2007, that Kenzie knows being “Part of the Crowd” doesn't mean she has to “Follow the Crowd”.

Kenzie was trying out for a play. She went to the first audition and did well. She was asked to come back a few days later for a “call-back” to read for a lead role. I was so proud of her.

When we arrived, the audience seats were filled with nervous children and their parents. Kenzie's group was called up. Only four girls were left for this role. All eyes were on these poor girls. They were asked to act out certain situations - act like a bully, pretend to fight, be rough and mean. This was out of Kenzie's comfort-zone, but she pretended and did fine. Then they asked each girl to read from the script. Kenzie was first.

She started reading. The director was responding for the other parts. Kenzie sounded great. I was so excited. Then she stopped. We all knew it was Kenzie's turn to speak. She kept looking up at the director. I sat there stunned. “What was wrong?” The audience was SO QUIET. We were all wondering why Kenzie had stopped reading.

The director finally asked, “Are you uncomfortable saying that word?” Kenzie nodded. The director told her it was okay to skip it and go on. Several parents in the audience turned to look at the nervous mom in the back of the auditorium. My eyes filled with tears. My heart swelled with pride. There was a smile on my face.

Kenzie had many eyes on her that day. But, she wasn't going

to say that word. She had the courage to be silent.

She didn't get the role. But she was my shining star, that day.

Now, I don't worry about her “following the crowd”. I know she has the courage to stand for what

she knows is right, even if it means being silent.


amanda said...

way was she bragging. jane. oh and im texting by a pupit.,

Shauna said...

Don't you love it when your kids make a good choice. That is awesome and you can brag anytime.

Alyssa said...

I remember you telling me about that experience when it happened. She is a great girl! I am sure there are many "proud" moments you have of her. It is not bragging, just reminding us all of ways to be a good example.

Debbie said...

The other day my son-in-law told me he was so worried about the next generation and how the world is going after them. GOOD JOB KENZIE! Your grandmother would have been so very proud of you.

amanda said...

She is a good girl. What a good example to those around her. And she's so talented!! We just love Kenz!!

janhans said...

You deserve to be so proud. It took courage for Kenz. All the the correct principles that you and Aaron have taught her, can make you proud. She has been listnening...Love you Kenz