August 7, 2010

Day 1 of Try-outs!

Tackle Football Has Begun!!
Mackay has been obsessed with football his entire life.
He is so excited!!!
He finally gets to play TACKLE not Flag football.

He was up early this morning to "eat a healthy breakfast" (his request).
Aaron and Mackay left at 7:45 am for Day 1 of try-outs.

I am a nervous mother.
I am not nervous that he won't do well,
although his nerves occasionally get the best of him
- just like HIS mother.
I am nervous he will need to go to the bathroom
and won't dare to say anything
- just like MY mother.


janhans said...

I have to say that I have had a few butterflies myself. I am so excited for him. He just looks great in his shoulder pads, helmet and mouth piece. Go Get Em MacKay!! G-ma will be cheering all the way..

betsy clayton said...

i should not have read this till after myles try outs next monday night because now i am freaking out! i finally gave in this year and let him play! now, explaining what he had to wear a cup for was quite the experience.. no wonder craig sent me to the sports store! i was laughing.. oh.. the joys of motherhood! and now the poor kid has strep, so hopefully he feels better by monday!:(

amanda said...

You need to video when he plays. I can't wait to see!! Good luck at tryouts. He'll do just fine. He's practiced and he LOVES football!!!