August 8, 2010

Spiderman Dance

A few days ago, I told you that my blog was for many reasons, but I failed to include "Nonsense".

Recently, a friend blogged about a blow-up Spiderman slide that was deflating. Spiderman was in a strange pose - sort of bowing with his knees collapsing - or possibly he was doing the potty-dance... This reminded me of a different Spiderman dance.

Back in the 90's, on Barnwood Bay, us Dorius kids would gather around Mom's computer. We would shake our heads and laugh, while Mom concentrated on the computer and seriously asked us to "learn the dance". She thought it was "AWESOME Choreography."
Josh was the only one that really tried to learn it. He actually does it quite well.


Debbie said...

That is crazy and so like your mom to be at her computer with the family right around here! Are there computers in heaven??

Dawn said...

Probably no computers in heaven ... if so she wouldn't get any work done, she would be playing Solitare.

kami @ no biggie said...

funny! I love that Josh learned it, that is too funny!

amanda said...

I so remember watching that over and over again. So weird!! So Josh and Mom:)