May 10, 2011

May is Melanoma Awareness Month

May is Melanoma Awareness Month!
May is also the month we celebrate Mother's Day!!

It is because of Melanoma that I get to stand in a cemetery on Mother's day
to wish a headstone with my mom's name on it a "Happy Mother's Day"!!
Too many of us know someone who has had melanoma or is fighting it.
My family knows how hard the fight is.
We didn't get the happy ending but we all learned so much during my mom's battle.
We felt your prayers.
Here are a few families that could use our prayers:
(click on the name and read their stories) ...
I am sure you know many more....

When the SUN finally comes out --
Enjoy it but don't forget to Wear Sunscreen!!


Alyssa said...

What a great (although a little sad) video. Thanks for posting it! We all need to be informed and aware.

Debbie said...

So powerful, I sent your link on. Thanks, Dawn.