May 9, 2011

a HAPPY Mother's Day

As I said before, I was looking forward to a HAPPY Mother's Day with no tears of sadness. And that is exactly what it was - HAPPY!! My sweet husband surprised me with flowers and a very unexpected gift... (story to come)... My boys couldn't wait to present their poems, coupons, and school-made cards. Kenzie wrote me a sweet note AND wasn't the "last one in the car" for church. ;)
At church, I helped gather all the primary children onto the stand so they could sing "Mother, I Love You" which probably would have made me cry, if I wasn't herding them up and down. Then, I worked up a full sweat running around primary putting the Mother's Day Gifts together. So No Tears at church!!
But I could have cried tears of JOY when I heard a little voice in the microphone singing a SOLO!!! ( I know we aren't supposed to take pictures in church, but I couldn't resist.) "My life is a gift. My life has a plan. My life has a purpose, in heaven it began..." He sang the entire song!!!! My heart melted!!!
After church, Aaron made dinner happen and I plopped myself on the couch and watched the NBA Basketball games. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Lakers get swept!! :) I had planned to go to the cemetery to take flowers to Mom's grave, but it was SO RAINY!!! I had almost given up on getting there, when Adam and Steph called. They stopped by with their rain coats and some beautiful tulips from their yard. I added a few more and we headed up to the cemetery to wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day.

I am so blessed.
I had a wonderful mother teach me how to be a mom.
She loved me and always made me feel special.
I miss her but I am so grateful she was my mom.

I am so blessed.
I have a kind and loving husband.
I am far from perfect but he doesn't care.
He is patient and loves me anyway.
AND... he thinks I am a good mom.

I am so blessed.
I have good kids.
They each have their own strengths, ideas, and personalities.
They are perfect in my eyes.
As their mom, I make lots of mistakes.
I mess up and have to apologize.
They constantly forgive me.
They can't get in their beds without a kiss from mom and an "I love you."
I really am so blessed!

I hope you all enjoyed a HAPPY Mother's Day too.


Morgen Newill said...

I am glad you had a good mothers day. I can't wait to see your real present. I told Jane what you got and she said, "she must be the richest person in the entire world:)". So silly!!
We are so excited for this weekend!!!

amanda said...

Sorry, my friend was signed into my iPad so her profile showed up. Oops!