May 16, 2011


I always say that I have the BEST husband... but really... I Do !
Aaron had a ortho training in Chicago this weekend. He invited me.
THEN.... he invited my sister, Manda, and her two girls.
Jenn was willing to watch my kids (& stinky dog).
They had a BLAST!! And so did we!!

Thursday -
We arrived in Chicago. Aaron got his own personal welcome at the airport.
Then we walked around the city in the beautiful sunshine - 80 degrees!! Ahhh.... :)

Friday -
The Hatches arrive!
We went swimming, did make-up, tried to go somewhere fun for lunch but ended up at McDonald's (with an escalator) ... at least the girls got a TOY!! (wink,wink, Manda).
It was too cold and windy to walk around the city
so we went back to the swimming pool until Aaron got out of class.

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. While the adults talked,
Aly & Jane looked curiously at the elephant standing right next to our table.
Jane was content to look but Aly wanted to touch...
so she reached high and low and crawled into a hidden cupboard to explore!!!
While reaching into that hidden cupboard, Aly snapped her fingers in a huge
She cried and cried.
We iced her little red and puffy fingers until she felt better.
Aaron took the girls to see some of the other animals in the restaurant,
and I informed the waiter about his gross mouse-trap.
Our waiter told his manager, who came to apologize and get Manda's info - "just in case".
Then another manager came by with two bags of goodies for the girls.
The bags were filled with lots of toys, binoculars, light-up cups, etc... they Scored!!
So did we ---
they removed both children's entrees and the $15 dessert we ordered to share.
Thank You Aly!!!

Saturday -
We took a boat tour and huddled in the covered area - fighting for a table.
Once off the boat, we went to board a Double-Decker bus for a city tour.
But we missed the bus and had to wait for another one... which usually comes every 10-15 minutes - but lucky us.... we got to wait even longer because the street/bridge had to open up for the passing boats. It was cold. It was wet. It took forever.
Manda ran around with her kids to keep them warm. I kept our place in line to assure a covered seat, and Aaron went to watch the boats pass.
We road the bus for a while, then decided we were done and hungry.
We got off to find a restaurant for lunch... but after walking in wind and pouring down rain,
(we seriously looked like we had jumped in a swimming pool) the only restaurant in sight was Dirk's Last Resort. It was bright and colorful!! I thought it would be perfect for the kids.
But after the waiter said the "S" word three times while taking our drink order, I wondered if we should have gone back to McDonald's. Jane asked why on her kids menu word search she needed to find the words "booger", "toot", and "puke".
I told Manda "Stick with us. We'll show you a good time".
Manda had to take the child menu home "just to show Brett"... :(
We swam some more at the hotel before the Hatches headed home.
It was so fun spending time with Manda and her girls.
It was as if she never moved "far far away".
Aaron and I went out for Chicago Pizza and packed up to head home to Utah the next morning.
Although the weather was crappy!! The city was beautiful.
I loved all the flowers in window boxes, on fences, and in the center of streets.
It was a fun city and a great getaway!!
Thank you again:
Jenn & Scott for letting my kids invade your quiet, peaceful home.
Aly for snapping your fingers so we could eat dessert free.
and especially Aaron for inviting me
AND letting me spend a few days with my sister and her girls.
You really are the best!!


Shauna said...

I seriously love Chicago! Sorry the weather wasn't so great. How fun to see Amanda and her girls, I bet she loved it too.

Debbie said...

What fun!

amanda said...

We had soooooo much fun!! Thank you so much for letting us crash your weekend away:) You guys are the BEST!!!!

Alyssa said...

What a great way to spend your weekend! And what a refreshing boost to your spirits to have all of you spend time together. I know how family time recharges your batteries. Was Tobe home with Brett?

amanda said...

that was fun. i love you. and thank you. JANE