May 31, 2011

End of the School Year!!!

I can't wait for school to be over!! I love letting my kids sleep in, not doing homework, hanging out at the pool all day, sipping on snow cones, & not having to be anywhere, especially school.
I love the Summer!!!

Only 6 more days of school left...
It seems Moms have to be there a lot during the last few days of school.
Here are a few photos from my recent visits to Lone Peak Elementary.

Hayden loved Kindergarten - especially riding the bus!!
His teacher was Mrs. Gaither. She figured him out quickly and they got along great!!
Mackay LOVED 3rd grade. He LOVED his teacher Ms. Jacobs. She is moving to 4th grade and gave each child/parent a paper to sign if they wanted her for a teacher. Mackay and I couldn't sign it fast enough. He can't wait to be out in the portable for a second year in a row.
For their Zoo Exhibit, Mackay chose to do the Panther (because it is the University of Pittsburgh's mascot - he is so funny). He did great - 100%!!
Kenzie has done many after school projects this year. Honors Choir - Talent Show - even a little dance. Last Wednesday was her regular Choir Concert. She was asked to play her guitar for a medley of Tarzan songs. She did great. On a side note, her choir teacher played the piano for my dance classes growing up. He even took me out a few times. He is extremely talented on the piano... (just ask Manda - :)) Mr. Abbott was Kenzie's FAVORITE TEACHER!!
All my kids loved their teachers and did great this year
- but I still can't wait for it to be over and Summer to start!!

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Patty said...

You are the BEST mom. I bet your kids are just as excited as you are to spend summer together as a family.