February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl 2015
New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks.

We were torn as to who to cheer for.  
I like the coach and QB for Seahawks but they won last year.
I don't like the Coach for Patriots but I do like Tom Brady.
Then Deflategate began... 
Did the Patriots deflate their footballs to make it easier to catch? 
Are they cheaters?  
So we chose to cheer for the SEAHAWKS! (except for Rustyn).
We had yummy food and lots of it.

Those interested in the game filled their plates and entered the theater room to find a seat.


others felt the theater room is too claustrophobic

And some just wanted to play the games of their choice.

Everyone was happy for most of the night...
The commercials were great... My personal favorite:

The Halftime show was Katy Perry with weird sharks.

The games was close which made it fun.  
Score was tight and then the Patriots took the lead.  
Rustyn was happy and I thought it was over.  Until this happened....

Then us Seahawks fans had hope.  
We could run it in for a touch down and win the game.  
And then this happened.

Rustyn was happy once again and we were the ones "Deflated"... 
Still it is always fun to gather as a family and eat, laugh, and trash-talk each other.  
I love my crew. 

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Alyssa said...

Looks like FUN! And I loved that McDonalds commercial, too. So sweet.