January 26, 2015

Aaron's Birthday in Maui

Thursday January 15th Aaron turned 41!!
We took the family to Red Lobster to celebrate 
then opened gifts and had Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen - Aaron's favorite. 

Day 1:
 we took a 12:12 flight to Honolulu and then on the Maui!
We stayed at Honua Kai Resort.
This was the first year we were a little disappointed with our room.  Normally we have a large living space, big bathroom, and bedroom.  This year was still nice but not the same for the same price... :(
We asked why this year was different and they said "We must have been upgraded each year without knowing it."  Which is nice but changes expectations.  
Living Area

Messy room - I remembered to take pictures while we were packing to come home. :(

View from our balcony - Ocean to the left.  Street to the right

Resort Grounds at night
walking from pool/beach to room

 Day 2:
I relaxed at the pool and beach while Aaron went scuba diving with Brian (Dive guide at Honua Kai).
Aaron went scuba diving in North Kanapali called the "Corals" $92 - pictures to come

Lunch: Dukes with began the daily ritual of Hula Pie.

Day 3: 
We went to the Cannery to look for souvenirs for the kids. 

We saw this guy everywhere talking to himself wearing the same outfit with crazy hair.  
I guess if you're going to be homeless Maui is a nice place to be.

We picked up our new favorite appetizer  Ceviche/Seviche 
from Amigos then we headed back to the resort to watch the two FOOTBALL games.

Dinner: Gross hole in the wall Mexican restaurant - can't even remember the name. YUCKY

Day 4: 
We laid out at the pool and beach ALL DAY LONG.

We drove to Whalers Village for dinner

Dinner:  Hula Grill

and got Hula Pie.

 Day 5:
Aaron dove with Brian again in Southwest Maui called "Coral Gardens".  
He saw lots of HUGE turtles.
I lounged around at the pool of course.
We went back to Front street for dinner and say MISSIONARIES!

Dinner: Kimos

Yes - we got Hula Pie

Day 6:
We needed a break from the sun so we made it a sight seeing & shopping day.
We stopped at a Farmers Market.  Apple Bananas are yummy ;)
We drove around the Ritz Carlton properties. It was beautiful but looked a lot like Lake Tahoe.  
We headed back to shop the store on Front Street again.
Seeing the Banyan Tree

We ate lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

We stopped at the store for steaks to BBQ at the resort. 
Aaron did order a Hula Pie from Dukes and brought it to the room. :)

Day 7: 
Aaron went diving with Maui Pacific Divers on two dives. $180.
The ride to the dive sites was an our away. 
1st: Lanai Cathedrals
2nd: Sargent Major
Pictures to come.
I enjoyed the pool. :)

We headed back to Whalers Village 

Dinner was at Leilani's on the Beach

Of course - Hula Pie

Day 8:
 We sadly Checked out at 11 am. 

Last minute shopping at the Cannery
Went to Regal Megaplex to see American Sniper

To a Flight to Honolulu 6:30 pm
Ate dinner in the airport at the Kona Brewery.  
Then boarded a 9:50 pm flight SLC bound.

Day 9: 
6:30 AM we arrived in SLC Utah scraped our frozen car and headed home to see our 3 little kiddos.  Thank you Josh and Megan for keeping them so happy and safe while we enjoyed the sunshine.
Although cold Utah is still beautiful
Utah Mountains at Sunrise
Flights $1600
Hotel $3100
Car Rental $450


Alyssa said...

I love that you make time to sneak away together whenever you can, and that Josh and Megan are able to help out with the kids. What a fun way to spend Aaron's birthday. The pictures of Hawaii were so pretty. Looks like a super fun trip!

Anonymous said...

Seeing the homeless man in a time and place of plenty reminded me of Leviticus 25:35 and the challenge we face as Christians to live as Christ.