February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Party 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens
None of us had teams in the Super Bowl this year so it was more about:
(jenn & scott)

the Food...
Brats, Pot stickers, Shrimp, Wings, Meatballs, Dips, & Desserts!

(jess, sam, rustyn, kamryn)

(tanner, sam, scott, jenn)

the Football Game...

the Family...
(kenz, rustyn, molly)

(rustyn, kenz, taylor, carson)

the Fancy Half Time Show...

the Friends...
(mackay was a little red eyed - he slept thru the 1st half - i was shocked!!)

(dane & his cute fiance amanda)

the Flicker...

(taylor-who after a miserable night, endured a root canal before kick-off, rustyn, carson-tay's boyfriend, chace)

(rustyn, josh-amanda's brother, grandpa earl)

the Funny Commercials...

(kenz, aaron)

the Feel Good Commercials...

(ash-wearing "betrader" colors, rob, mackay)


And the FUN!!  
(hayden, jake)
We celebrated Jake's 15th Birthday before kick-off!
 (hayden, ben, colin)

It was a great game!
Our family was cheering for San Francisco 
(we don't like Baltimore cuz they are big rivals to the Steelers!) 
But in the end the Ravens won... :(
I have to say, I have the sweetest hubby.  He knows how much I LOVE a party.  He doesn't complain when I go overboard.  He just lets me do whatever I want 
(and even helps me set it up).  
He is such a good sport!!  I am a lucky gal!!  
Hopefully we will have our STEELERS in the Super Bowl next year... 
Until then...

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