February 6, 2013

Called to Serve!

~ I don't know any of these young men or women
~ the video is long (14+ minutes)
~ but I could't stop watching this...

It brought back the memory of sitting in my yellow room with my dad, my mom on speaker phone, as I opened that same big white envelop to learn that I "had been assigned to labor in the Independence Missouri mission...teaching the discussions in American Sign Language."
I will never forget how nervous I was and the overwhelming joy I felt.

Watching these young men and women open their calls - I feel that same JOY!!  


Alyssa said...

Awesome! Cousin Jordan has been in the MTC for almost 6 months waiting for his VISA to Argentina. He has been serving in the MTC call center and teaching people via the internet, facebook and other social media (right up his alley/his forte). We've wondered if he'd every actually get to Argentina. Just heard last night that he leaves Monday. So exciting. Love all of this mission excitement. This video is awesome. Thanks for the post.

Patty said...

Loved this video. And I remember you teaching us that when signing you aren't supposed to wear stripes or crazy patterns because that's like screaming.