February 14, 2013

Valentines Festivities!

Kenzie asked Brennen Brumm to "Sweethearts", Alta's Valentines Dance.

He answered her with a YES!

February 9th
After going to Classic Skating all day, the finally got dressed up and headed to the dance.
She looked beautiful. 

They looked darling.

February 10th
We had our "Special Valentines Dinner" on Sunday 
(since Valentines Day fell on a Thursday - date night)
Hayden chose the menu - stuffed pasta shells, garlic bread, & salad.


 Valentine's Day Boxes 
(aka Mom Homework... grrrrr.....)

Aaron gave me beautiful red and white roses with a sweet card... 
and I scattered funny pick-up lines all over the house... 
We went to a movie for date night and since we are old lovebirds we enjoyed 
watching/giggling at younger lovebirds do their best to impress.  
Dating is such a strange thing... 
Happy Valentines Day!!

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Alyssa said...

Love Kenzie's dress in her dance pictures. Also, her hair looks amazing! You guys were busy over Valentines. WOW! The boxes turned out great. My kids never want my help with them. I'm forbidden to intervene.