May 11, 2012

Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is a day we celebrate mothers.  
A time when children make handmade gifts thanking their mothers for things like:
*Washing their Clothes, *Cooking their Meals, *Driving them Around, 
*But mainly for Constantly Picking Up After Them.

Every mother utters the words "Please pick up your stuff" at least once a day, right?

Growing up my mom would put our stuff on the stairs & as we would run up (or down) the stairs she would yell"Don't go up empty handed!"  A kinder way of saying "PICK UP YOUR STUFF".

Recently, after weeks of begging my family to get rid of their CRAP, I cleaned the Laundry Room, which is a "catch-all room" with: *hooks for backpacks & coats, *a basket for shoes*drawers for batteries, band aids, flashlights, etc. *& a counter for phone chargers & "Dad's papers" 
These pictures were taken today - you can see the CRAP accumulating.
But ... unfortunately, the counter top is constantly covered in CRAP that usually needs to be tossed. Stuff like: *old school papers, *empty water bottles, *candy wrappers, *broken action figures, *tangled ear phones, *dead batteries.  *Etc., Etc., Etc.
So, I finally cleaned it up & threw most of it away.  

Last night, I got on the computer to check Kenzie's grades.
She has a D in Geography.  
I asked what was going on ~ she said it was fine, she'd bring it up.
I asked why she had missing assignments ~ she said she needed to finish them & turn them in.  After a heated conversation, with both of us seeing who could talk louder, I asked why she didn't just turn them in when they were due??  ~ she gave lots of excuses, but then said - 
"I lost my folder.  
It was in the laundry room & now I can't find it."  
~  ~  ~
Needless to say, I am sick.
I have apologized to Kenz several times.
I have emailed her teacher.
And I will be spending Mother's Day helping her finish several Geography assignments.
(I really don't think I threw it away ...  but I remember it being there and it is NOT in there now) 
I am not worthy of any Handmade Mother's Day gifts this year from my daughter because ...   
I am the WORST MOM on the Planet!!


Shauna said...

I am a chucker too. I can't handle all of the papers that come home everyday, but I have also been in trouble for chucking homework, oops.

Alyssa said...

Maybe it will turn up?? You probably didn't throw a folder away. That would be more of a questionable toss than just random papers. Jeff is the one at our house that chucks stuff without even looking at it. My kids have learned to keep their stuff under tight security, or else it is gone in a flash. So sorry. No fun.