May 10, 2012

Feel Free to Stop By

Our Deck was small & was falling apart ~  I Hated it!!

Constructions begins ~ We decided to triple the size of it & add wide stairs. 
Deck much bigger with a white railing - I liked it better.

Friday April 6th...
 Construction day postponed due to the snow.

Saturday April 7th
Sun came out & melted the snow so Construction began at 10:00 am!
I had been redecorating the St. George condo.  When I pulled up to the house, this big truck was in our driveway.  Whoa.... quite a spectacle at our house.
By 4:00 pm we had our Pergola & new black railing in place. 
I was so happy!! 

Today, May 10, 2012
Flowers have been planted ~  Patio furniture is in place ~ A fan & outdoor lighting has been added to the deck, stairs & yard & ...  We are in Heaven!!!

Thanks to the BEAUTIFUL weather, our family sits out here every night until it is time for bed.  
It is so pleasant!!   

Just a side note...
I showed Kenzie this sign on Pinterest & asked if she thought she could make it.  
I bought a piece of wood & she painted it black, then she & her cute friend Audrey, 
sat for several hours tracing the words, we printed off the computer with different fonts, onto the wood.  She painted in the letters with ivory paint & it was done.  
She is so talented.  
Feel free to stop by... You are always WELCOME in our home & on our new deck!!!


Lindy said...

Wow. Beautiful! You are a lucky girl:) Hey I recently found out that one of my students is your neighbor--Oliver Johnson. I taught his brother Poter for a bit last year too. They told me they were friends with Hayden. What fun!

Alyssa said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! You are building memories and precious moments by creating this atmosphere for your family and friends to enjoy with you. Someday I know you will all reminisce about the days/evenings/nights you were sitting around, feeling so relaxed in this beautiful setting. So happy for you. I love it. Cant wait to someday see it in person. Also, I really LOVE the patio furniture and especially the rug under the table. Kenzie's sign is the perfect touch. She always had a knack for art and creativity. I remember all of her creative art projects as a little girl. She is becoming such a beautiful and talented young woman. Really LOVE the deck and yard. Gorgeous!!!